Tanzania safari
Tanzania safari

Research and writing:  Sylvie Berthiaume

Even if it is the dream of countless travellers, the ascension of the Kilimandjro is not for everybody, mainly because of the duration of the adventure.

However, before or after a 4-5 day safari to achieve another universal dream, the desire can take one to climb another notch the adrenaline and the change of scenery. 

Good idea then that of reaching the summit from the mythical and mystic, "Holy Mountain" of the Maasai people: The OL Doinyo Lengaï volcano.

The getaway lasts approximately 7 hours.

Explosions and  frozen lava

Always active - its last eruption dates back to 2007 - the OL Doinyo Lengaï volcano is erected up to nearly 3,000 meters, and its crater extends on an area of 500 meters by 300.

The amazement is great when seeing the hornitos, which are volcanic cones always spewing a little bit of smoke and lava, before the landscapes into lunar docks created by the eruptions of carbonatite turning from black to white, or frozen in exploding or after being widespread.

The underground rumblings add to the strangeness of the place and the inner restlessness. 

Other actual visions

As the summit of the volcano is part of the massif of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in the Great Rift, it overlooks the savanna and the Natron Lake.

These natural rarities, the nice welcoming attitude of the locals, and the radiant joy of travellers  that one encounters are well worth the very long journey to East Africa


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