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JUBILATION TRAVEL . INFO is an international magazine providing information on travel.

It is dedicated to travellers, tourists, vacationers, travel agents and stakeholders in tourism, who live, work and travel everywhere around the world.


It addresses the infinite range of possibilities, as well as eclectic and jubilatory options related to travel:


• Circuits in great luxury, cultural immersions, contemplative stays, sports excursions, holidays "all-inclusive", packsack travelling, gastronomy tours, ecotourism, humanitarian travel, etc.


• On land, at sea and in the air


• Solo, as a couple or as a family

We publish on the web, twice per month, in English, French and Spanish. Soon, also in Mandarin:


• An edition "At destination":

6 articles presenting various aspects of a trip recently made abroad


• An edition "Temptations of the month":

Relating to a theme divided into 6 articles based on our research, interviews, tests or short stays




Our readers can rest assured that our articles meet the criteria of recognized journalistic ethics in terms of quality, rigour and independence, so devoid of conflict of interests.

Our team

Sylvie Berthiaume

Publisher and editor


Olivier Bourque

Journalist, photographer and videographer

Binidza Cruz

Journalist and spanish translator

Patrice Dauzet

Journalist and webmaster

Nicole Ducharme

Journalist and research

Chunhui Huang

Journalist and mandarin translator

Daniel Monette

Journalist, photographer and graphic designer

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Sylvie Berthiaume