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New Zealand Sailing
New Zealand Sailing

Full sails in New Zealand

By Sylvie Berthiaume

Head to the marine nature. Yes, it is still possible to cruise, on a boat that is not a floating city, and to join a small group of 10 people where meaningful friendships will be forged, rather than to the hundreds of people who will remain unfamiliar.

Bonus: the sea, the wind, aquatic fauna and flora, off the beaten track, as the main theme and all natural. 

3 days and 2 nights in and on the water

This is happening on board the Manawanui, a 22-meter sailing ship, with Ecocruz team, in the Bay of Islands, in the Northland of New Zealand.

With stops for kayaking, snorkelling or the paddle board, to visit small villages off the coast and tame the Maori culture.

With regards to the nights, they are spent in double cabins or quadruple cabins.

Among the Maori

The Northland is the cradle of New Zealand and it is there that the Maori culture is without doubt the most present. 

The possibilities of having encounters with Maori people and culture are multiple, for example by visiting the historic reserve of Waitangi, Hogianga Harbor, Haruru Falls and Cape Reinga: 15-meter Maroi canoe trip, meals cooked in a Hangi (oven in the earth), kapahaka performances, stay in a marae, etc.

How to proceed?

By simply lodging yourself in the small town of Paihia and reserving in one or the other of its 85 tourist accommodation establishments. 

It is however preferable to book in advance with Ecocruz for the cruise.


A change of scenery is the key.