Montreal Surf Interior
Montreal Surf Interior

By Daniel Monette


Feel like changing your habits of sport activities, entertainment, tourism or simply change of mood? A suggestion: Surfing...!!!  


At the heart of Quartier 10-30, in Brossard near Montreal, you can introduce yourself to this hobby, otherwise unreachable for most of those living in a Nordic country.


"Surf & Turf"!


In the boutique area and reception desk, you can book your "starter" or "expert" package, in solo or with family. You can also combine your surfing experience with an exotic meal or cocktail.


A few decorative elements, such as palm trees and native engravings tend to soak up yourself in the atmosphere of an exotic beach. 


The dining area overlooks the wave pool, and the constant show of the surfers allows you to admire the prowess of some, as well as to appreciate all the attention and the patience of the monitors during the course of initiation or more advanced techniques.


Pleasure and safety in symbiosis


With a state-of-the-art technology, an underwater carpet allows you to adjust the speed of the current and the wave height as you want it. In addition, some accessories added in some places allow you to amplify the wave, up to create a tunnel for some competitions. Very well thought! 


It is highly safe because if you fall, the current transports you on the plateau where there is not even half a meter of water. Not to worry: it is really accessible even for those who are afraid of water. 


A regular in sea surfing and regular customer of this place told me that we must first assimilate the technique and after a few sessions, our brain is able to adapt to developing maneouvers. It takes advantage of it himself to perfect his prowess in the pool, and then apply them at sea. 


Warm colors and flavors


To maximize your experience, the bar and restaurant area allows you to discover a range of exotic cocktails, worthy of mention by their shapes and colors.


I chose the Fish Bull and my friend a Buckett. Their dosage of alcohols and ingredients have the power to bring you into the festive atmosphere of a rally on the beach on the island of Maui (you must have an open spirit). 


Attacking the menu, we chose the Maui pizza with pulled pork and sweet sauce and a Cajun chicken tortilla, accompanied with plantain chips and coconut rice... It sounds and tastes well in the decor, and it is fully satisfactory, quantity and quality speaking. And the Lobster Roll... its taste equals its abundance of flesh. Then salads are creative, colorful and ambitious!




Overall it is an experience that is out of the daily life, worth to live between friends, or even to make it the theme of the next office party. 


Bu you can take advantage of it often, each evening or weekend if you want to, without having to book a full day in an aquatic complex outside the city.


If you want to push the theme to the maximum, go there with a collar of flowers and a skirt of straw!


A user-friendly experience in itself, or useful as preparation for your next trip to the sea.


Smiles guaranteed.

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