Canada Montreal Shopping Eclectic
Canada Montreal Shopping Eclectic
Corine Seruya
Corine Seruya
Juliette Trolio
Juliette Trolio
Linda Morisset
Linda Morisset

Extravagant shopping in Montreal:

From head to toe

By Sylvie Berthiaume

The Plateau Mont-Royal, has been considered for the past twenty years as the most hip area, not only in Montreal, but also of Canada, and even of the U.S. North-East.

This is seen in many ways, but especially by the freedom and creativity that is lived there full-time, by all its citizens, young and old, and of all origins.

On the shopping side: it hosts so many original boutiques rather than franchises of major brands. Which is rare for our days…

This affects all types of shops, including bars, restaurants, furniture and interior designs, but especially fashion.

Here are four friendly eccentrics, ferocious adversaries of the "déjà vu".


Ophélie’s hats

Whatever you have in mind, Corine Seruya has it: on site, 2 000 hats, pillboxes, voilettes, toques, turbans, panama hats, caps… In addition to hats accessories and head jewels.

For all occasions and every season. And even for any reason: to enhance and show your personality. Whether you're short or tall, and have short or long neck and hair!

Whether you always or never wear a hat, Corine will advise and show or create the most beautiful especially for you, and adjust it to your size on the spot, if necessary.

Corine goes everywhere on the planet to find forms and materials, up in the Czech Republic or even in Mongolia. With its two annual collections, Ophélie hats, is in itself a travel destination.

Ophélie hats is located in Montreal, but also sells in fashion trade fairs in Paris, New York, London, among others.

Online orders possible on:


Location: Boulevard Saint-Laurent (between Rachel and Duluth)

Linda Morisset and its wearable follies

Long blond hair surmounted by a bun piqué of flowers, fruits and birds, dressed in multi-layers multicolored, Linda Morisset creates, cuts and sews in the middle of her shop, surrounded by stalls of hundreds of clothing for women and men.

It is there that she works, tells stories, laughs, sells, presents clothing as well as people arriving in her store. A true energy and good mood tornado. 

The clothing she creates are nothing less than stunning, for sport, work, club, beach or gala, for the summer or winter, for any person who wishes to be watched in the street, for artists or circus characters, even for companies wanting to dress their promotion staff. Ouf!

No shape, no fabric is banal. And you can even ask for adjustments or specific details, or even a design you have in mind. 

These days, she shows her enthusiasm when talking about her new "Balloon" and " A Line" dresses inspired by the 60s,  as well as sets of short sleeves shirt/boxer shorts for men and boys.

For the last 30 years, she has sold on site and taken phone orders (514-842-0465), but starting in the fall of 2017, a special collection will be sold online.

Location: St-Denis st. (between Sherbrooke and Ontario) 

Rix-Rax fantasies

Visionary and avant-garde artist, Juliette Trolio displays buttons... of all colors and shapes, all styles and all materials! A shop like this, there may be no other in the world!

You are looking for only 1 or 12? To distinguish, enhance, replace, create a dramatic effect on your garment? It is certain that at Rix-Rax, you will find even the impossible...

She has also developed an expertise in buttons for men’s garments, which is rare.

With time, Juliette has managed to broaden her palette with ribbons, straps and laces, as well as seized opportunities to buy hundreds of silk flowers and genuine feathers from companies that closed their doors. In providing inventories that seem unlikely at first glance, she knows that the trends come back one day or the other and that she will be the only one to have as much to offer.

And her latest news is about trimmings, cords and beads for interior decoration.

What inspires Juliette? Research and novelty. The most beautiful and rare in her eyes. However, she is equally gifted to predict and satisfy the needs of her regular and exceptional clientele.

Rix-Rax products are so specific and require such details to match your fabrics and models, that you must clearly go choose right on the spot. Juliette therefore does not sell online, but sometimes after receiving your photos sent by email or by SMS, she will tell you if she believes she has in hands what you are looking for.

For more information:

Location: Gilford St. (between Mount Royal and Saint-Joseph)

Fluevog, the most eccentric walking

His inspiration comes directly from his dreams. He never seeks to align with the trends. His customers have often themselves seen his designer shoes in their dreams. We are here in the world of imagination and synchronicity...

His shoes are original in their forms, their unique colors, outside, inside, below and on top, on a loop or on the soleplate. They sometimes insert messages of love, peace, acknowledgment, etc. They are given original or generic or employee names.

Another singularity is that the turquoise being John’s favorite color, it appears often - but not always - in a small touch somewhere on the footwear, when it is not more obvious.

All Fluevog footwear is hand-made, by small well paid family businesses, located in Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Viet Nam, India and Italy.

Special social involvement

Fluevog does not cease to imagine events, opportunities, design contests of unique models for people or opportunities, such as the opening of new stores, or even giving a percentage of the profits to charitable organizations.

Location: Saint-Denis St. (between Roy and Duluth)

Such an exciting shopping spree.