Montreal gastronomy
Montreal gastronomy

Montreal view from the sky:

Les Enfants terribles

By Olivier Bourque

At the outset, it is somewhat a chaos. The success exceeding expectations is the cause. Out of the elevator, on the 44th floor of Place Ville-Marie, in Montreal, customers queue and wait to get their table. Some will remain there even one hour before they get it. Everybody exercises their patience, because Les Enfants terribles, is the restaurant that is talked about by everyone, even more because it is at the top of the metropolis. 

In the meantime, we are asked to wait on the stunning terrace located to the right of the restaurant with its urban garden and its busy bar. On the day of our passage, the sun heats up joyfully the diners: yuppies of the city center, couples who sip on a Bloody Caesar, young CEOs… It serves wine, gin, rum or beer. Terrace’s price!

The view is breathtaking on three sides of the metropolis, including the Mont-Royal mountain and the city center with the 1000 de La Gauchetière which tip arrives at our height.


Two glasses to put in appetite and it is already time to go discover the restaurant which is talked about so much!

The first blow is quite astounding

The chic bistro has a central bar where everything buzzes (Thursday evening is full in Montreal…), the tables all around are occupied, and on the edge, a glazed terrace where ten people can sit at the same table.

During our visit, we were very lucky: Our table was located in a corner of the terrace with the view on the Mont-Royal cut by the sunset with another point of view on the river and its islands.

The great Québécois classics revisited!

For those who are familiar with the other addresses of Les Enfants terribles (Île-des-Soeurs, Outremont or Laval), you will not be disoriented, because the menu, cocktails and alcoholic beverages are identical. It is not because you eat in the heights that prices must have the same altitude.

It was therefore a menu with various entries as the mini Chorizo Pogos, the salmon and beef tartars, oysters or foie gras. But all will tell you that the star remains the homemade black pudding with buckthorn and porcini mushrooms sauce. It it served in a generous slice with apples. Don't be put you off by the black pudding of your childhood: The dish is simply divine, perfect for the heights of the city!!!

The menu makes also a beautiful place for soups and salads (beet and hot goat, tataki made of yellow fin tuna). For those who want something more gratifying, there are several selections of fish, including very popular Fish & Chips. For our part, our choice  stopped on the filet mignon with sweet potato filled with cheese Ciel de Charlevoix and bacon.

Another very popular dish and recommended by the waiters: The pâté chinois, modified Les Enfants terribles’ way. Forget the steak, canned corn and potatoes cooked by Teresa in the popular television program The Small life! Rather, it is braised beef cheek’s, very creamy corn, truffle oil and a smooth mashed potato. It is delicious and very fulfilling! It is said: This is a bistro which brings the great Québec classic dishes upscale with panache! We love it…

For dessert, there again, we saw the beautiful homage made to Quebec, including the pouding chômeur, or inescapable proposals as cheesecake or chocolate mousse.

When the darkness is fallen, they bring lamps on the tables that are reflected in the bay window. The night in Montreal is still young, far away a clamor. Best way to begin a successful evening.

All this for a very reasonable price, taking into account the quality, the location and the view.

Discover or rediscover Montréal

Before entering at Les Enfants terribles, you can visit the new installations of the Summit at Place Ville-Marie: the Observatory and the Exhibition.The Observatory is a large covered terrace open North-South-East-West, bathed in light to admire the beauty and the energy of Montréal.

The Exhibition offers a unique interactivity: above colored counters always facing large glass windows on Montréal, 50 video ipads seem to levitate. With your magnetic bracelet, you activate the screens to view testimonies, rituals and typical experiences of Montrealers, that can satisfy all interests and budgets. Then you go at a tech-terminal from which you can design your program of visits, made to measure.

A full evening which constitutes a gourmet experience as well as a "city life" adventure in itself.