Montreal Luxury Snack-Bar
Montreal Luxury Snack-Bar
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Jerry's gastronomic snack-bar:

A funny hybrid

By Sylvie Berthiaume


The Quebecois snack-bars of yesteryear, located on the edge of roads or street corners of poor neighborhoods and often given the name of their owners, travelled a lot recently...

Last year, that of Jerry has migrated to gastronomy: the Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux, Jérôme Ferrer, has modified his own way these snack-bars classics, and has opened several on the corners of busy trendy streets of Montreal and its suburbs. And he is preparing to extend to the international, to let know about Quebec culture and gastronomy.

With a great sense of humor and openness to adventure, despite its toque of Grand Chef, Jérôme Ferrer is now partner with the largest humoristic festival in the world: "Just for Laughs". 

As well, Jerry snack-bars make a special place to video screenings of the famous "gags", which are hundreds of comic situations with hidden camera.

That is all about the concept and its new developments.


Now, let’s sit at the table or at the counter.

Before and after the Grand Chef’s special touch  

Here are among others, and in parallel, what it was by tradition, and how it is today:

Before: fat and soft white potato french fries

Now: crisp sweet potato french fries


Before: cabbage and vinegar salad 

Now: celery remoulade salad


Before: grilled cheese made of almost-synthetic orange cheese

Now: grilled cheese with onion confit and quality cheddar


Before: pea soup

Now: gazpacho


Before: hot-dog

Now: lobster roll


Before: sauces: ketchup, American mustard, relish 

Now: sauces: mayo/lemon, foie gras, fungi or pepper cream


Before: flattened beef hamburger

Now: hamburgers with pork frayed, or foie gras and duck confit, or veggie, etc.


Before: poutine french fries/brown sauce/sticky cheese

Now: meatless poutine, or teriyaki, or smoked beef, etc.


Before: strawberry, chocolate or caramel sundaes

Now: profiteroles with cream/sugar or choco-hazelnut sauce


Before: popcorn topped with salted butter

Now: popcorn with caramel/fleur de sel, or chocolate praline, or pear amandine, or white chocolate/coconut


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What else? Indulge and laugh now!