Canada Montreal Circus
Canada Montreal Circus

La Tohu, a leader:

In arts, environment, community

By Daniel Monette

It’s a place, founded by the Cirque du Soleil and the École nationale de cirque, which presents circus shows but where there are also experiences to preserve the environment and make sure its local community benefits of all this. In the whole world, places like that can be counted on the fingers of one hand.


We suspect that this is why the circus company which returns very regularly at La Tohu, when not on tour abroad, is called "The 7 Fingers of the Hand".

Green, outside and inside

The TOHU building is LEED certified Gold. It therefore complies with the most severe standards and criteria for environmental protection, both in its construction and in its daily management.

Also, the Frédéric-Back Park, is named in honor of the filmmaker who won an Oscar for his film "The Man Who Planted Trees", from the famous Jean Giono’s novel. It has been created by the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex, over an old limestone quarry and a landfill of waste, which for several years has been in transformation, to accommodate safely and please nature lovers. A part of this park is composed of a wooded area. 

Finally, its vast programme of entertainment and activities focuses very often on environmental themes.

Even more proofs...

The 5-km biking and walking trails allow to discover in the open air the entire complex of La Tohu, using an audioguide and playing observation games.

The programming also account exhibitions: permanent, such as that on the posters depicting 150 years of history of the circus shows; and temporary, as that of photos on "Haiti the eyes of the sky", doing a wink to the large Haitian community who lives in the sector. 

The activities, often free, for children and adults, such as the workshops Buzz make discover the world of bees in urban areas, while others are entertained with the cinema under the stars, or learn and marvel even more during the astronomical walks.

Finally, the bistro offers creative and healthy snacks.


To see, during summer 2017…

For the whole family: an allegorical fire by and for the community

Falla, is the name of a great community event that will take place in July and August : 300 young people, professional artists as well as different groups from the district and of all backgrounds will participate in the creation of a giant collective work of 35 feet in height.



The work will be burnt during an impressive show of pyrotechnic effects, after 3 days of artistic, ambulatories and family performances.

For adults: Vice and Virtue

The new show of The 7 Fingers of the Hand troupe will be staged during July and August at the Société des arts technologiques. Through circus, theater, humor, video and music-hall, the show will tell the story of sulfurous «Main Street», of nightclubs, of the burlesque era, and brothels of Boulevard Saint-Laurent, as well as the stories of the mafia which took place in the red light district during the 40s.

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A city within the city to visit and revisit.