Memphis Elvis
Memphis Elvis

State of grace at Graceland:

With Elvis or almost

By Daniel Monette

There are these cities who know how to exploit - in the positive sense of the term - the flame of fans of music and cinema icons. So that they fulfill their dreams in several versions. Memphis is one of those cities. 

The novelty of 2016 in this regard: The Guest House at Graceland, located on the Elvis Presley Boulevard. 

With its 450 rooms and its gardens, this would be the largest construction project in Memphis since 90 years. 

Surrounded by Elvis

Outside: southern colonial architecture. Inside: modern American comfort, decor incorporating colors and Elvis’ favorite styles, of Elvis as well as images representing different facets of the King.


Especially,VIP suites whose design has scrupulously been supervised by his wife, Priscilla Presley.

The fans of shows and cinema are also pleased with his 465-seat theater. Each year, it goes without saying that dances, shows and special events related to Elvis will be organized.


For example, during the weekend of Elvis’ birthday, which is on January 8, and during Elvis Week, which always takes place in mid-August. 

Very close to the original Graceland

From The Guest House at Graceland, guided tours are facilitated at the Graceland Estate, the true residence of Elvis.

To hear more of Elvis’ music and other rock and country music American singers, downtown Memphis is accessible in no time, thanks to the shuttle service of The Guest House at Graceland.

Full of other places celebrating Elvis

Those performing a quasi pilgrimage praising Elvis will not fail to visit also the Elvis’ cars museum, or the interior of its 3 aircrafts, another museum showcasing many among the 50,000 photos of Elvis at all ages, and even the exhibition "Elvis in Hawaii" to view the film again in which he has played the main role and artifacts demonstrating his passion for Hawaii.


Elvis, living legend, still continues and will always attract and fascinate.