Domaine des Salanges winery
Domaine des Salanges winery


Iles de la Madeleine:Wine and lobster 

By Sylvie Berthiaume

Photos: Michel Bonato and Ile Imagin'air

In Québec, nobody nor even the competing regions will contradict you if you say that the Iles de la Madeleine's beaches are the most beautiful. Same for their red cliffs.

In July and August, it is true that they are crowded, without however being victims of their immense success. In addition to the natural beauties, the Sand Castles Competition, which includes other ephemeral sculptures from August 10 to 12, is even more spectacular.

All water and beach sports or activities can be practiced: Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and paddle, sea kayaking, cycling on sand, etc.

Nevertheless, the end of August as well as the months of September and October promise long and wide deserted beaches to contemplate.

Beautiful sun, to drink...

It is also the period the most conducive to the visit of Domaine des Salanges vineyard.


If the sun bathes fabulously the archipelago, it also endorses proudly the red organic wine in a valley of Havre-Aubert Island. Le Beau Soleil (the beautiful sun) is indeed its name.


You will also enjoy making provision of flavored salt, wine syrup and vinaigrette.

Exquisite meat, to enjoy...

When lobsters from Iles de la Madeleine arrive in the archipelago and in the whole Québec restaurants: it is true event.

Well identified with its Controlled Designation given its unique biological character, ilobster is catched at hundreds of kilometers from the continent by more than a hundred fishermen and as many boats, especially from the islands of Grande-Entrée, Cap-aux-Meules and Havre-Aubert.

Eating lobster, in its shell or not, natural or in recipes, is an almost religious ritual that one wants to repeat several times during the summer.

The main curiosity for foreign visitors? The guédille: Lobster meat, mayonnaise and some seasonings in a hot-dog bread.

Virtually all of the restaurants in the archipelago serve it, at very low prices, which makes the experience even more delicious…!!!