Vignoble Rivière-du-Chêne
Vignoble Rivière-du-Chêne
Vignoble Riviere-du-Chêne
Vignoble Riviere-du-Chêne


Saint-Eustache: Wine and tapas

By Olivier Bourque - At destination

Up north of Montreal, Saint-Eustache, offers a surprise: After a few kilometers on a bucolic road, you suddenly discover a magnificent manor style building. This is the Rivière-du-Chêne vineyard, a reference for wine lovers, which has opened in 1998. 


Without a doubt, this is one of the most striking examples of the progression of the wine industry in Québec. 


Dolce Vita… or sweet life


It is the feeling that inhabits the visitor when he walks on the ground toward hectares of vines, arranged in neat rows. 


The amateur can make a visit  to learn more about the different grape varieties and see the rooms where the fabulous nectar matures and transforms. 


"What we wants to offer to visitors, is the discovery of our land and our terroir. It is possible to travel and dream here in Québec", tells us Daniel Lalande, the owner of the vineyard, inexhaustible when he speaks about wine. 


Several Québec wines in the spotlight


Then comes the long awaited moment: Tasting. The vineyard offers several products including the William white (with notes of pears) and red, as well as the Phoenix white and red (with accents of cherries and blackberries), two emblematic wines of the house. 


And it continues with dessert wines which do not have to be afraid of the comparison with those of the Niagara valley (Ice Cuvée des Laurentides) or of absolutely delicious sparkling wines (Gabrielle's Bubbles or the World of bubbles).


The tasting is generous and the staff helps the visitors to discover the different flavors. 


The Bistro-Tapas Evenings

Another hedonic idea, perfect for the summer? Every Thursday from June 14 to September 20, as well as on Fridays July 27 and August 3, we can also go to the vineyard, for the Bistro-Tapas evenings. 


The menu, developed by Chef Benoit Brumet, consists in a selection of tapas as arancini lemon, tomato capaccio, ravioli with fungi, ceviche, black pudding and duck dumplings. This year, bistro type dishes have been added. 

About wines: The sommelier Nadia Dufour has created by consulting the Chef, wine and dish pairings highlighting the Rivière-du-Chêne wines and those of La Cantina Valley of Oka.


The highlight of the evening takes place on the large table to the rear. The mouthfuls sweets - donuts, coulis and petits fours - are scattered everywhere for the greatest pleasure of the guests.


You should however be book now!