Vision in all dimensions

By Sylvie Berthiaume - At destination


I truly affectionate private collections, which are testimonies of individuals dedicated to their passion, spending much money, researching and traveling abroad as in time, and who are willing to share their discoveries by establishing a museum and opening it to the public. 

In London, it is a body, the College of Optometrists of Great Britain, that  broadens his medical mission to everything that concerns vision.

The cult of the eye

Since 1901, its collection which contains 25,000 items is frankly very impressive. It occupies several rooms of the building located on Craven St.

You can spend hours with the guide, an optometrist who proves also to be an excellent communicator. He truly knows how to manipulate the scientific, historic, aesthetic and even humorous descriptions.


He is really useful because photos and items are so many. Thus, he can point out the parts most likely to respond to our specific interests.

The treasures are not only on the walls, showcases and cabinets, but also in locked-up drawers he enjoys opening for you... Be ready for Oh!..., Ah!..., How,.. Why..., When...?

From the essential to the superficial

It is surprising to discover photos and glass balls showing the countless diseases of the eye, the evolution of medical devices, the different types of corrective lenses or replacement eyes, the baths for the eyes, the monocles frames, binoculars and goggles of all eras - even those worn by the Queen over the years, etc.

Also naval and military telescopes or theatre binoculars. Plus games, toys and figurines.  


Even the Board room is richly decorated with paintings and sculptures where characters and scenes wear or contain a pair of glasses.

To visit: Reservation required.

Guaranteed smile in your eyes.

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