Montérégie: Circuit du paysan
Montérégie: Circuit du paysan


Montérégie:Wine and lavender 

By Daniel Monette - At destination


Proud of its 20th anniversary, the Circuit du paysan (Peasant Circuit) offers many tastings and guided tours from the end of June to mid-October, and more particularly during its event "Open Doors of the Union of Agricultural Producers" on September 10, 2018. Each visit provides nice tasteful and visual surprises.


First signalled circuit in Quebec, it encompasses a hundred committed members whose mission is to promote the wealth of its terroir. 


Located at the foot of the Adirondacks, in the Valley of the Haut-Saint-Laurent, it offers you a journey of 194 km through the Montérégie countryside  Montérégie, less than an hour-drive from Montreal.


Diversity in appointments 


Artisanal beers, straw wine, lavender, small fruits, cheeses, honey, maple syrup, meats, fresh meat directly from livestock farms, antique dealers and artists... Through these visits, you will discover the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the region.


Wherever you find the blue panel of the circuit, there is a farmer or a craftsman who constantly ensures quality and who makes every effort to offer an unforgettable agro-turism experience.


Vibrating beers


At the launch of the 20th anniversary, I have had the pleasure to meet Berthiaume Domain's team, malting farm and family business of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.


I had the chance to taste their beers with eccentric names, such as strong Goblin Blood, Troll Drooling or Scarecrow, and some soft beers as the Blond Elf, the Brown Elf and the Black Elf... who despite their intriguing or scary names are really tasty. 


These dynamic people know how to share their sense of humor and passion for brewing with the visitors, who can taste beers while admiring the landscape.


Amazing straw wines


At Le Chat Botté vineyard, whose products are certified "Terroir and flavors," they produce more than white, rosé and red wines! It is the only vineyard where straw wines are produced. They even won awards on the international scene.


Before the tastings, while visiting the vineyard, we witness the process of transformation and participate to the grape harvest.


The curiosity compels the detour:  We learn that these wines are not made with straw. Their name comes from the technique of passerillage, which creates a syrupy wine, therefore sweeter, often served for aperitif with foie gras, or a dessert with nuts and orange.


Relaxing lavender


Other beauties and benefits are savored at Le Lavandou, a lavender farm doubled with an art gallery, offering as well lavender cosmetic products, honey and essential oil.


At Aromabio, lavender products are also adapted to dogs...


Why not end the day in the spa at Franklin"s falls? 


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