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Tonga Lumina, Mont-Tremblant
Tonga Lumina, Mont-Tremblant
Hotel Quintessence, Mont-Tremblant
Hotel Quintessence, Mont-Tremblant



in Québec


By Sylvie Berthiaume

Photos: Tremblant and Hotel Quintessence

The Montreal company Moment Factory, specialized in multimedia, has established its reputation on the international scene by its achievements during performances as iconic as those of Madonna at the Super Bowl and Red Hot Chili Peppers, by its animated designs of flagship stores like Oakley and events such as the Jean Paul Gautier Exhibit in Paris, or by light and sound shows in particular on the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and other fabulous ideas like permanent or ad hoc illuminations of buildings, infrastructures and public spaces.

On Mont-Tremblant, in Quebec, its sensory interactive experience entitled Tonga Lumina takes shape in the forest, while crossing streams and clearings.

Magic and intriguing moments leads us to seek for a giant and his secret, through surprises, astonishment, history and beauty. 

During an hour on 1.5 kilometer, the participants holding small flashlights to see well where they walk, engage in a hike well signposted on trails of rock dust.


The paths rise and descend in gentle slopes. One must therefore be sufficiently in shape to walk during one hour, but the route is without danger.

Every night, until mid-October.

The resort of exception

The Mont-Tremblant area is located approximately two-hours drive north of the greater city of the province of Quebec, Montreal. At 968 meters, it is one of the highest summits of the Laurentian mountain chain.


Mont-Tremblant is very well known as a ski station, with its 96 long runways designed for skiers of all calibers.

Summer activities are many, both on the mountain and the surrounding area, particularly on Lake Tremblant. 

Tourism has been taking place for a long time in Mont-Tremblant. 


Individual lodges, condos, luxury hotels, and accommodations such as B&Bs are scattered all around the mountain. In addition, a huge tourist complex - Tremblant - attracts thousands of people each year, for either Sunday walks, weekend stays, or special events such as music festivals.

Tonga Lumina adds to this generous offer. Weekend packages at affordable prices are also available, including dinner, Tonga Lumina experience, one night at the hotel and breakfast on the next day.

It is now possible to take advantage of the mountain, even during nightime.


Mont-Tremblant: Wine and light