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The subscription to JUBILATION TRAVEL . INFO is free and is done on a voluntary basis on the part of the subscriber, simply by providing his/her personal or professional email address.


This allows the subscriber to be among the first to receive e-mails announcing the publication of new editions and to participate in draw contests offered only to subscribers. This subscription does not imply solicitation for direct sale, apart from the advertising already included at the bottom of the pages of JUBILATION TRAVEL. INFO.


Terms of use of the articles


The articles published on JUBILATION TRAVEL . INFO are its exclusive property. The photos bearing the mention of their authors also become to the exclusive use of JUBILATION TRAVEL. INFO.


Thus, any article and any photo may in no case be published, reproduced or distributed in whole or in part, on any other print, electronic or web media. An article and its photos can however be shared on social networks, without any change, under the condition that its source is indicated and that the web link on JUBILATION TRAVEL . INFO is included.


Respect for privacy and dignity


JUBILATION TRAVEL . INFO does not sell, rent or lease any of the e-mail addresses of its subscribers.  We do not tolerate any infringement of the privacy and the dignity of anyone, any inappropriate tone and disrespectful or hateful comments in the submitted articles and in the comments made on social networks related to JUBILATION TRAVEL . INFO.


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