Aarhus Culture
Aarhus Culture

2017 European Culture Capital

By Sylvie Berthiaume

The second largest Danish town, Aarhus, prepares to play its role of European Capital of Culture, but it already has a lot to offer to devotees of architecture, literature and gastronomy.


Foremost, since recently, its industrial port facing the Kattegat sea is transformed into am area of creation and inspiration in all points of view: artistic, commercial, residential. 

You can spend days in the largest library of Scandinavia, hours in the ARoS gallery and at least a good hour at a rave before the kaleidoscopic visions of the city that provides the work entitled Your Rainbow Panorama on its roof.

Habitable iceberg

The white uniform predominates on the surfaces of this entire residential, but its structure has nothing of uniform: peaks and canyons ensure to all dwellings to be flooded with light and impregnated with the reality of city dwellers.

Inimitable table

The products of the region and of the forest of Vilhemsborg brought to the pallate by the heads of the Gastromé restaurant , Michelin-starred contribute to the fame of Aarhus.

And as the city is marbled of several other first-rate tables, the gastronomic pane will also be a theme of the year of Aarhus as a European cultural capital.

In itself and already, all of those are excellent reasons to plan a trip to Denmark in 2017.